Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey

The Centre for Communication and Public Opinion Survey (CCPOS; former name: Center for Communication Research) was established at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2004 to produce quality research for academic, government, non-profit organizations, and business clients. Being a unit at the School of Journalism and Communication, communication experts are available to help with research endeavors in a wide variety of content areas. The goals of the Centre are to:

1. conduct trans-disciplinary, systematic, and innovative research on media and society.
2. understand the interplay of journalism, media, culture, citizens, communication technology,and democracy.
3. serve as an independent opinion research group that studies attitudes toward the press, politics, and social issues.
4. serve as a forum for ideas and important information resource for policymakers, journalists, scholars, media industries, and public interest organizations on the media through public opinion research.

More details about the Centre can be accessed at its website.

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