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Subsidy Scheme

Student Development Subsidy Scheme

A new initiative entitled “Student Development Subsidy Scheme is established with effect from the academic year 2022-23. The scheme aims at encouraging undergraduate students to initiate projects or study plans that are beneficial to their personal and professional developments. The maximum amount of each subsidy is HK$20,000, depending on the category of the application.

Students may apply for subsidies for the following activities:

  1. The Scheme will subsidize students’ overseas participation in art, film, documentary or other cultural festivals, conferences, exhibitions, field trips, study tours and other learning opportunities that are related to communication or creative media. Items of the subsidy include registration fee, accommodation and travel expenses. The maximum amount of each subsidy will be HK$10,000.
  2. Students can initiative their own production project (e.g. short film, documentary, drama, book publishing or others). The maximum amount of subsidy for each project will be HK$20,000. Students’ final year projects will not be subsidized.
  3. The Scheme will subsidize short-term training courses/workshops/programmes organized by communication-related professional bodies on subject matters that are not covered by our School. Students’ participation in communication-related competitions (e.g. HK4As Students’ Awards) will also be supported. The maximum amount of subsidy in this category will be HK$2,000 or 80% of the programme fee or production cost, whichever the lower.

Regulations & Factsheet of the Scheme

Application Form ( PDF / WORD )

Application Deadline: 15 March 2024*

*For Item C, there is no specific application deadline. However, applicants must submit applications and complete the programme(s) within the same academic year. They have to seek practicum teachers’ advice beforehand.

Awardee List for Term 1, 2023-2024

Item A:
CHAN Ching Yi, CHENG Log C, HE Xiyu and ZHANG Zihan

Item B:
LI Haowei and LIU Wai Hang