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Tales of Honey Film Scholarship 2023-24

Student Achievement 21 November, 2023

To encourage students to participate in film and video production, Mr. Tsang Hing Weng Eric and Ms. Cheng Lai Chun Patricia, the alumni of the School, kindly donated to the School to set up a new scholarship, namely, Tales of Honey Film Scholarship, for our undergraduate students who demonstrate potential or excellence in media production.

The Scholarship announces its result for 2023-24:

LUI, Yvonne Hoi Wun (Year-4 student of the Global Communication programme)

CHEUNG, Jayden (Year-5 student of the Journalism and Communication programme)

Congratulations to the above award-winning undergraduate students! Each awardee will receive a scholarship of HK$10,000. We sincerely hope that our students will continue to demonstrate remarkable performances in media production.