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Professor Joseph M. Chan Elected ICA Fellow

With much excitement, the School and C-Centre are honored to announce that Prof. Joseph Man Chan was recently elected ICA Fellow by the most prestigious group of leading scholars at International C...

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Mphil Student Won the Top Student Paper Award

Our Mphil student Li Miao has won an award in the Association for the Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) annual conference held in August 2014. Li Miao won the Top Student Paper...

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Lecturer Vivian Tam won prize in the 18th Annual Human Rights Press Awards 2013

The School's Lecturer, Vivian Tam, won a "Human Rights Press Award" Merit from the Feature Writing Section for freelance work on Mingpao 2013. The winning work is a series called "Dialogue about Oc...

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PhD Student Won the Best Student Paper Award

Our PhD student Zhao Mengmeng, Sarah has presented her paper “The Effect of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Platforms on Perceived Credibility, Brand Attitude and Purchase Intentions” at the Taiwan Academ...

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PhD Student Won the Top Student Paper Award and Best Paper Award

Our PhD student Cheng Yang, Alice has won two awards in the 64th International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference held in May 2014. Alice won the Top Student Paper Award at the Divis...

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Students winning three film awards in Taiwan

"Room 12" wins Best Director, Best Actress and Best Cinematography at the 9th Golden Sugarcane Film Festival in Taiwan. This feature film is produced by a crew of students from our school, namely K...

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Major Student Won the General Education Student’s Best Work Award

Our Year-two major student, LIN Yi Ting, was awarded the Outstanding Essay Award (In Dialogue with Humanity) for 2012/13 in the 3rd General Education Student’s Best Work Award.

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