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Part-time Lecturers

AU Ka Yee FredaCOMM3680Business and Financial Reporting
CHAN Hing KaiCOMM3711Script Writing and Screenplay
CHAN Man Yee RitaCOMM3930Digital Video Production
CHAN Tik FanCOMM5940New Media Business Model and Innovation
CHAN Wan Ki KayCOMM2926Creative Design and Layout
CHAN Yuen Ting CatherineCOMM3600Laws and Ethics for Communication
CHANG Yuk Mui GipsyCOMM2925Principles of Editing in Creative Media
CHENG Ho Yi JosieCOMM4848New Media Advertising
CHENG Hoi Yan AngelCOMM1190Media Writing
CHENG Wai Ying CarmenCOMM2928Art Direction
CHIANG So Ting NicoleCOMM5631Topical Studies in Journalism I
CHIU Chun Ting ClementCOMM3820Media Management for Public Relations
CHOW Pui Ha CarolCOMM2922
Introduction to Creative and New Media
Understanding Movies
Film, Television and Hong Kong Culture
CHU Hon KeungCOMM5631Topical Studies in Journalism I
CHU Tracy Tsin SuetCOMM3812Special Topic in Public Relations II
FUNG Lai ChiCOMM3933Music Industry, Production and Marketing
HO Hin Hon MilkerCOMM5833Creative Works: Appreciation and Strategy
HO Wing Ki VickyCOMM1110Media and Everyday Life
HON Lai ChuCOMM3920Creative Writing in Media
HUANG ZhepingCOMM5631Topical Studies in Journalism I
JI JingtaoCOMM5950New Media Content Development
KAN Ka Lok VincentCOMM3855
Advertising Media Planning
Channel Planning and Performance Media
KWAN Pun LeungCOMM4935Cinematography
KWOK Hing Fai NickCOMM2440Photojournalism
KWOK Ka Kit BenCOMM3680Business and Financial Reporting
LAM KweicheeCOMM5840Applied Advertising Copywriting
LAM Miu YanCOMM2170
Chinese News Reporting II
News and Society
LAM Oi WanCOMM5735New Media and Society
LAM Wai Man CarmenCOMM3700Intercultural Communication
LAU Wai Leung EdenCOMM3832
Special Topic in Advertising II: Applied Data Science for Marketing
Topical Studies in Advertising II: Applied Data Science for Marketing
LAU Yam LawrenceCOMM2570
Hong Kong Cinema
Film Directors
LEE Yee Chong DexterCOMM1190Media Writing
LEUNG Chun Kan KennyCOMM1110
Media and Everyday Life
Special Topic in Communication Studies I: Media and Cultural Criticism
LEUNG Ka Man AliceCOMM5841Topical Studies in Advertising I: Branding in China
Topical Studies in Journalism II: Infographics and Data Visualisation
Analyzing Public Affairs
LEUNG Kit Wah JennyCOMM2100
Audience Analysis and Strategy
Integrated Strategic Campaign I
Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications
LEUNG Shi Chi DarenCOMM5771Topical Studies in Global Communication I: Human Rights, Culture, and the Global Legal Imagination
LI Kou Yu EddyCOMM5772Topical Studies in Global Communication II: The Making of Foreign TV News - A Global Connection
LIN Ching KitCOMM2610Foreign News Desk Practice
LIU Kwan Chak JackieCOMM5111Topical Studies in Communication II: New Media and Computing
LO Sheung YanCOMM5833Creative Works: Appreciation and Strategy
LO Wai Yu OlivineCOMM5530Crisis Management
LO Yuet Sun AugustineCOMM6940Creative Technologies: Design and Management
LO Yun Fai DonaldCOMM3733Television Production
MOK Mei Wah MayCOMM3910Sound Production
NGAI Yuet Ling JoniCOMM5962
Topical Studies in New Media II
New Media Analytics
News and Society
Issues in Current Affairs
SHAM Ka Ho BobbyCOMM2962Photography
SHIN Chi Man ThomasCOMM2932
Film Genres: Love, Death and Laughs
Film Directors
SHING Kit Ming MirandaCOMM5850Advanced Advertising Art Direction
SUM Wan WahCOMM2740Broadcast News
SY Ting Chi TammyCOMM6848Account Planning and Advertising Management
TANG Tsz Hong BrianCOMM5563Topical Studies in Corporate Communication III: Content Marketing & PR Creativity for Digital Media
TSANG Kam KeungCOMM4848New Media Advertising
TSANG Lap Ki RichardCOMM5480Investor Relations
TSANG Oi Ying EmilyCOMM1190Media Writing
TSANG Pui Ling PaulineCOMM3840Advertising Copywriting
TSUI Hong Chee ClarenceCOMM2932Film Genres: Love, Death and Laughs
WONG Ching Han ElinaCOMM5946Fundamentals in Multimedia Design
WONG Chit RogerCOMM5635Financial Reporting and Writing
WONG Hiu Fan DerekCOMM3832
Special Topic in Advertising II
Advertising Art Direction
WONG Nga Lai LeonaCOMM3811Special Topic in Public Relations I
WONG Shuk Han CandyCOMM3132Special Topic in Communication Studies II
Radio Production
Radio Studio Production
YEUNG Tak Ming PaulCOMM2440
Advanced Photography
YIP So Kei SofiaCOMM2813Social Media and Crisis Communication
English News Writing and Reporting
Advanced English News Writing and Reporting
ZHAO MengmengCOMM5520
Applied Communication Research
Public Relations and Globalization