HU, Yunyi

HU, Yunyi

Ph.D. Candidate

B.Sc. in Information Management and Information System
Peking University, Beijing, China

M.A. in Publishing, Peking University
Beijing, China

Research Interests:

  • Cultural Creative Industries
  • Media Implications
  • Feminism Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Social Media
  • New Media

Refereed Journal Article

Wang, Y. G. Hu, Y. Y. (2018). Progress in Philology Research in 2017. The Library Journal of Shandong, 2018(05), 1-10. [CSSCI]

Book Chapter

Wang, W. J., Hu, Y. Y., &Zhang C. J. (2019). Forty Years of Library and Information Science in China: Chapter Nine. Beijing: The Commercial Press. ISBN:978 -7-100-17202-8
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